A Candid Chit-Chat With Singer And Dubbing Artist Lipsika Uday

A Candid Chit-Chat With Singer And Dubbing Artist Lipsika Uday

Lipsika Uday is slowly but surely carving a name for herself in the Telugu Film Industry.

She has entered the top league of singers and lent her voice for the likes of Mehreen, Hebah Patel, Lavanya Tripathi, and Megha Akash.

Here is a candid chit-chat with the promising young diva who aspires of making it big in the industry in the coming days.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

For all those who don’t know me… I’m a Singer, Dubbing Artist, and an RJ too now..! 🤩

What motivated you to take up singing as your profession?

My Mom and Dad..! Undoubtedly and also My Grandparents..!!

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How did you come into the dubbing field ??

It happened all of a sudden… I was singing in a Studio and talking in the mic explaining something to the sound engineer.. a dubbing in charge heard my voice asked me if I was interested in dubbing… I just gave it a try, and it worked out like this…

What are your biggest challenges while dubbing??

Laughing out loud.. is the toughest and crying is the easiest for me..lol.

Your favorite actress whom you’ve dubbed for??

All of them… Mehreen, Hebah, Surabhi, Lavanya Tripathi, Neethi Taylor, Megha Akash

Your best work till date?

Manasuku Nachindi, Kumari 21F and Krishna Gaadi Veera Prema Gaadha as a Dubbing artist

Temper, Express Raja, and few of My Other Mashups as a Singer

Favorite Hero or Heroine, you wish to croon for?

Anything Challenging..!! It’s not about the person but about my work in that movie…

Favorite music composer?

Again, it’s not about the person but about a few songs that touch my heart.. and I have songs composed by each and every composer in that list…

How are things going as of now?

Greattttt..I’ve been consistently busy.. and hoping for me same… 🙂

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Any big aspirations?

Yes, I would like to establish a music school in future.. and apart from that… I’d like to multi-task like a PRO… where people take me as an inspiration instead of asking me to stop doing what I’m doing and ask me to concentrate on one single career option…

Worst memory from the Telugu film industry?

Believe it or not..! NONE

How do you manage both dubbing and singing…?? According to you which easy one..???

Nothing that gives you money is easy 😝😂 both have their own hurdles.. life is all about learning and struggling… 😁

We appreciate Lipsika Uday for her work and grounded nature.

We wish her all the best with her future projects.

-Team Chota Flicks