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YouTube is the new platform for the stars to arise. YouTube is flooded with short films nowadays. Almost every passionate person with talent is now starting off their career from short films. Abhiram pillA is one such short film director. He is almost considered as the star maker. Most of his debut actors are now settled in very good status. All most all of us know his direction career but how many of us know his past? He was an MBA graduate and working in Times Of India with a high salary. He was all India 2nd best employee of Times Of India. But these all gave him comfort but not happiness. He left his job to explore happiness in movies. In his childhood, he started making small skits with the help of neighbouring children thinking his eyes as a camera. While doing his MBA, his skit was awarded the best. After leaving his job, he waited for chances for up to a year. Then he started off with short films. His mother was always supportive of him. He was given a lot of freedom. But his dad was angry on his decision on leaving a job of 1lakh salary and didn’t speak to him for about a year. Later on, seeing his articles and awards, his father understood him. He loved the importance he used to get from his principal in his college days. Let it be any program or function he was called and made the head of these cultural activities. Even though he didn’t attend the classes, his attendance was always full. Still, he was a merit student. Abhiram always considered the story rather than a place to create a story. Anywhere anytime if he had a story in his mind, he writes it down or records it. He strongly believes in learning. He watches his short films alone and notes down his mistakes and try to avoid them in the future. His mother is his biggest role model. His sense of humour, smiling at any situation, positivity are inherited from his mother. His mother supported him in all the situations.

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His proudest moments were when Puri Jagannadh introduced him to all-star heroes as a good director in his birthday party, Shyam Prasad Reddy(MalleMala) praising his talent in front of his crew and Annapurna Supriya saying him a very good writer.

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Abhiram always prefers taking new actors for his films. He is a bit overconfident on himself that he can make anyone act. He just confirmed Jahnavi (Mahathalli) on chatting through Facebook.

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His parents, Srikanth-his dop, his team, Priya-his Friend, and all of us are his reason for success.

YouTube comments are his favourite. He believes negative comments make us work better. He considers every comment. He tries not to repeat those mistakes. He wants to be a director on seeing his name he wants everyone to watch his films.

At last, he does not consider himself giving advice, but out of the line, he says a script you believe in and a team believing in you is all that is required to succeed.

Writer For “pillA” Web Series“pillA”Web Series

Director of “Michael Madan Kamaraju” (MMK) (Web Series)

And now he is Coming with New Web SeriesDarling Maalachimi.”

Darling Maalachimi

We appreciate him for his work and grounded nature.

We wish him all the best with his future projects.

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