Geetha Subramanyam Telugu Web Series All Episode – Wirally Originals

Geetha Subramanyam – A Modern Day Web Series that shows the dynamics between millennial couples and that proves that in a relationship, both the partners are equally needed to keep it going.

Directed by Siva Sai, the series beautifully portrays the misunderstandings, breakups followed by instant patch ups and those ‘silly fights’ that happen in a live-in relationship. Manoj Krishna Tanneru and Darshini Sekhar play the lead roles, Geetha Subramanyam – the always squabbling couple living together and they are now the digital stars of Telugu web series industry.

Each Episode of Geeta Subramanyam has garnered more than a million views with a loyal fan base that still watches them and reminisces the web series. All in all, the show presents a new perspective on live-in relationships that connect with the crowd and relates to them.