Hareesh Naagaraj, The Passionate Passion Dreamer

The one who dreams with eyes open is a passionate dreamer. The one who passionately follows their dream is a passionate follower. The one who is both passionate dreamer and a passionate follower is none other than Hareesh Naagaraj. The self-made and marked short film director, Harish Nagaraj stepped in this world today.

The known man is not known just like that. There are years and history behind. Sweat beads and sleepless nights. This article is a tribute to this man who robbed our heart with his short films. Read on!

His childhood dreams were no different than us. On being asked, how different they are from now, he claims to see completely different dreams. According to him, childhood and now are two different phases, almost like a rebirth. Responsibilities are to be blamed here, that evolves you to a completely new.

He has been to a hostel, where the loneliness and confusion helped him to discover his creative self. Other then direction, Mr Hareesh Naagaraj is blessed by Lord Nataraja, he is a dancer too. Even music doesn’t stand for in the queue. He also loves music. This is evident in the Tollywood MashUp Video featuring Manisha Eerabathini, which he directed. Isn’t it? While choreographing and listening to music he used to visualize, these visualizations are the base for where he stands now. His imagination comes from his observation. Visiting orphanages, nursing homes and old age homes, he had spent his days of childhood. Talking to them, listening to them, all these have changed his outlook to see things in this world.

Basically, the idea of filmmaking has evolved from penning down poems. Anything that holds his interest was penned down in the form of beautiful poems or musings. While scribbling them, he realized he found a purpose which is to put down his imagination on screen visually. That was when the filmmaker in Harish was born.

In his college at Chennai, he stepped the first step by making a short film on ‘Stop Using Tobacco’ with the help of his friends. And then there was no looking back, soon after the graduation he left his home to peruse his dreams. Now, he has many short films and also a production house under his name. Kudos!

Who don’t have hurdles in the road of success? Hareesh Naagaraj didn’t fly on sky either. In fact, there was a phase where the dark clouds of depression loomed over him. The fate also played cruel in his love life. But our director is a hero; he defeated the phase of depression, standing against it, built his career. “I have gone through some painful situations which can’t be express. One of my very good friends helped me to overcome with her words”, he said. Friends are indeed a blessing. We can’t thank you enough ma’am.

His view on love still remains beautiful. Watch his short films you will know. He portrays his perspective through them. His definition of love is trust and dedication. He says, “Love is everything.” He believes everything that happens, everything we do or everyone we meet has a reason.

Harish’s greatest teacher had been his work itself. Every short film was a learning step, leading him to be better in every aspect. When audience trusts and admires his work, he feels responsible and so with each feature, he improves the quality. His prized possessions are the messages he receives from the audience. The love and admiration they showers, push him to look for more. To him, revenue improves with quality. One should only focus on work, and things will fall into place on their own. He is a grounded man and hence when asked to spill the beans on how to become the next Hareesh Naagaraj, he replied, “I am at the learning stage. I still seek advice myself.” However, he advised never to depend on shortcuts and use people for one’s own advantage.



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