Home Sweet Office – Web Series – S01E01 – Conflict Of Interest – Dice Media

From the makers of Little Things, What The Folks! and Adulting, come to ‘Home Sweet Office’. A story of cousins Adhira and Shagun, two highly creative individuals who decide to jump on to the bandwagon and start their own business of candid wedding films and quirky wedding merchandise. Amongst the interesting startup problems they face is the most important one – their buzzing office is right in the middle of their even more bustling upper middle-class Baniya home in Delhi.

Join us to see what happens when these two worlds collide, every day! Dice Media and Amazon.in present Home Sweet Office, powered by Butterfly Ayurveda, in association with Pipa Bella An original series by Dice Media – A Pocket Aces channel. Episode 1 – Conflict of Interest

Shagun wants to keep the Filmy Weddings business floating and for that she’s willing to go to any lengths. Even if it means shooting a wedding film for Adhira’s ex-boyfriend – Akhil. Adhira is furious and tries her best to sabotage the entire project. Unfortunately, her one big hurdle is Dad, who has taken quite a fondness for Akhil. Check out the episode and find out what happens next!