Immature – Official Trailer – MX Original Series – A TVF Creation

Immature, a TVF creation is the coming of age story of 16-year-old Dhruv, stuck in transit between boyhood and adulthood. A phase which is the prerequisite to maturity, the premature phase. An age full of first-times, be it your first bike, first drink, first crush, first Goa trip, first time sneaking out, bunking, getting caught and trying all over again. Watch Dhruv’s high school misadventures with his two best buddies, Susu and Kabir. Three average wallflowers, who are not so cool for school. Neither do they fit in, nor do they stand out in a crowd, because they are the crowd. And that is their greatest dilemma. Add to it, he has a crush on class topper Chhavi, while him the average Joe is unsure of himself. Here’s to the madness of adulting we all enjoyed – in ways more than one, this is our story. Join Dhruv, Kabir, Susu, and Chhavi as they find their way through their firsts on Immature, an MX Original Series. All episodes will be streaming on MX Player on 20th February for free.