Kailasapuram – A Gripping Web Series With Hard-Hitting Content

The latest outing from digital streaming platform, Zee5, Kailasapuram ticks all the right boxes to make it your must-watch list.

It has a really gripping plot that can keep you hooked all the way through. Also, the narrative is raw and hard-hitting.

Here are a few key reasons why you should be binge-watching this mighty impressive web series

Striking Plot And Unconventional Screenplay

The plot, as a whole, deals with taboos in society. A bunch of college students using Ganja itself should turn many eyebrows.

Youth-Centric Content

The youthful elements in the web series are very much relatable to most college students in more ways than one. The multi later screenplay is another big asset.

Realistic Approach

The raw emotions of typical college-going students like pain, agony, happiness, and love have been portrayed in a very realistic manner. A few bold scenes here and there make things even more interesting.

Story Arc

A group of college students getting in trouble with a drug cartel is very striking, to say the least. The story arc is impeccable, and it’s blended perfectly with soulful performances from the lead cast.

Love Track

The love track between the lead pair has bright moments and dips to the deepest of trenches as well. This adds a whole lot of depth to the narrative.

Support Cast

The supporting cast in this web series is really good. They play their parts really well to bring a good vibe to the bigger picture.

Technical Aspects

Direction by Bhargav Macharla is bang on point. His twisted narrative is more than enough to keep the viewers engaged all the way through. The camera works are really good as well.

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