Kalaham Madhuram

Kalaham Madhuram is an anthology of five different love stories with completely independent setups and backdrops. The only common conflict is the minute misunderstandings between young couples which ultimately takes a toll on their relationship and changes their lives after that.

The director Bhargav Macharla picks an intriguing plotline for each and every episode, making the entire web series a must-watch for the target audience.

The concept for the first episode is “Hiding our past can break our relationship”.

This story is based on the life journey of an escort, Sruthika, who flees from Mumbai to Hyderabad after she faces a few legal problems. She gets in touch with a software engineer named Pritam and the couple eventually develop feelings for each other.

Asha Muntha and Shrihan enact the roles of Sruthika and Pritam, respectively. Their intense acting gives this episode an authentic touch, and the story takes exciting twists and turns towards the end.

The complex subject of one’s troubled past, almost destroying their current relationship is portrayed well with realistic emotions.

The second episode runs on the concept “Trust issues can break a relationship”.

This story unveils the life story of an auto driver, Ranga Madhava, and his wife, Rohini Meenakshi.

Nayani Pavani and Bharath Bandaru enact the roles of Rohini and Ranga, respectively.

This episode is set out in a rusty backdrop. The rustic touch offers a new expert to the viewers.

The actors use a unique slang in this episode and that works reasonably well. The conflict arises when Ranga comes to know that his wife Rohini is speaking ill about him behind his back. This eventually gives rise to trust issues. The couple will now have to face the consequences of the same.

The emotional ending is the most significant assets of this particular episode.

The third episode is based on the concept of a long-distance relationship, which is growing more and more popular these days.

The near-to-life emotional journey of an independent entrepreneur and a possessive cartoonist forms the core plot of this episode.

Pravallika Reddy and Aravind are seen in prominent roles.

The couple uses technology (video calls, text messages and phone calls) to keep their relationship afloat, but things take interesting turns after a point.

The couple are put through intense emotional trauma and pressure, which might potentially change their lives for good.

The fourth episode is about how external factors can eventually take a toll on one’s relationship.

Pravan and Annie Catherine play the lead roles in this episode.

The story shows how a couple is subject to emotional breakdown courtesy of some external factors which they are not even aware of, at least till it is too late.

This episode also shows the bonding between father and son, which gives it a holistic vibe and adds another layer to the narrative.

This episode is a quirky one with food dose of emotions and fun.

The fifth and final episode of this series runs on the lines of fantasy.

A passionate writer meets a heartbroken guy after she reads his publication. The journey of this duo forms the remaining plot.

Kiran Nukireddy and Sowmya Dhanavanth play key roles in this episode.

The intriguing set-up is further empowered with a strong narrative which keeps the viewer hooked right from the word go.

Both Sowmya and Kiran come up with commendable performances. The writing is very impressive as well.

The natural lighting that has been used in this episode is a real standout, all thanks to some impressive work from the men behind the lens, Sekhar Boon and Sheshi Kiran.

The director, Bhargav Macharla, finds a perfect blend of all the aspects of contemporary relationships. His narrative is crisp and true to the plot.

Music Naren RK Siddartha is too class, and he subtly elevated many scenes with his impressive background score. The entire star cast is apt, and they make the act believable.

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