Prudhvi Raj, A Passionate Multitasker

#CHICAGO SUBBARAO to be more specific, Prudhvi Raj,as most of us know him. There’s a need for anything more. Prudhvi is an ultimate sensation on the YouTube lately. He is a Telugu middle-class person like most of us and went to the USA to complete his studies. He was very passionate about acting but had to work in a full-time job to stabilise the financial position of his family. He neither wanted to leave his passion for his work. Prudhvi always had a feeling that he was not content with what he was doing. This dedication resulted in a video on the troubles faced by NRIs while watching cricket in the USA and that video went viral soon. As he had a thorough understanding of the lives of the NRIs and he didn’t have anyone showing him the right path he started off writing scripts based on the lives of people living there. His friends,especiallyPraneethRamasagaram and Harish Dasari helped him a lot during his initial days. He also added that he works in the US to maintain the financial stability of his family and himself before he completely shifted back to India. He is waiting for the right opportunity to shift to India. Prudhvi says managing both the job as well as YouTube is, but he has no other go but to manage his career and passion currently to reach his ultimate goal. When asked about his future plans, he said that he wanted to do what he loves, write, act and direct whatever opportunity comes in his way.

There were many proud moments when he got his offer letter from the micron tech company he’s working for, currently. His parents were really proud of him. Prudhvi made 4 short films while pursuing his engineering. He was also into mono-acting and mimicry in school days. He says it’s really tough matching the schedules of all the guys because all of them are working. But they were cooperative too. It gets freezing in winters there, making it unreal to shoot outside in winters. He added he doesn’t consider his problems or failures real because he had seen some stories that prove him the meaning of practical issues. He says he is blessed to have this kind of life. When asked of his popularity, Prudhvi says he does not understand the popularity he’s got. Prudhvi says he owes a lot to his entire team including the technical and promotional teams. If given a chance of directing acting or writing in a big project prudhvi would love to do three of them, but he enjoys writing the most. He has many role models and inspirations he looked up to and had been the reason behind his mad passion for the cinema, but Mani Ratnamgaru is his biggest role model while Chiranjeevi Garu and Farhan Akhtar are also huge inspirations for him.

Prudhvi Raj, A Passionate Multitasker

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Prudhvi Raj, A Passionate Multitasker 03 Prudhvi Raj, A Passionate Multitasker 03

In spite of the difficulties, he managed both his career and passion very well. He has almost 100,000+ subscribers on YouTube with 10m views. He is a social media sensation who proved us that talent is all that matters. We wish him all the luck for his future.

And Wishing Him Happy Married Life

Wishing Him Happy Married Life

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