Stereo – Laasika EP01 – A Musical Narrative

‘STEREO’ is the first part of the musical narrative series ‘Laasika’.

Medha, a renowned Kuchipudi dancer comes to perform a stage show in a village on request of one of her fans. Her father is rude towards her actions and discourages her because of social influence. Rest of the drama deals with how Medha handled the situation.

‘Stereo’ is a take on stereotypes in this society.

Casting: Dr. Medha Rajamanuri, Baby Sai Dhruthi Crew: D.O.P: Kamala Kar OSTs: Anup Jampala Written & Directed: Vignan Kaushik Producers: DeltaFour Soundtracks, Rig Veda Narratives Dance track credits: Composition: Anup Jampala Violin: Karthick Iyer Percussions & Vocals: Sumesh Narayanan Nujiveedu Veena: Bhavani Prasad Teerthala