Vaddante Vasthave Prema – Episode 2 – Telugu Web Series – Wirally

“Vaddante Vasthave Prema” is a Telugu web-series which is completely shot in the USA. It is the story about two guys who had some bad experiences with love in the past, come across the same again and how they overcome forms the rest of the story.

Starring: Venkat Sai Gunda, Madhu Yadali, Samyukta and Yamuna Reddy. Written & Directed by Sai Sukumar. Produced by Yamuna Reddy & Sai Sukumar under the banner of Flying Dreams Productions.

Production: Flying Dreams Productions
Producer: Yamuna Reddy & Sai Sukumar
Written & Directed: Sai Sukumar
Cast : Venkat Sai Gunda, Samyukta, Madhu Yadali, Yamuna Reddy
Music: Jagdeesh Satyan
Editor : Jesvin Prabu
DOP: Kushal Kumar Kondeti
Lyrics : Karunakar Adigarla
DI Colorist – Chaitanya Kandula
Guitars: Srikanth Lazarus